Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Nominations for Best New Poets 2009

Blood Orange Review is pleased to announce its nominations for Best New Poets 2009. For those of you who are unaware, Best New Poets is an anthology that selects 50 poems from literary magazines and writing programs each year. Jeb Livingood, series editor, approached our table at this year’s AWP conference, though this was not our first introduction to BNP. Our very own Stephanie Lenox published her poem, “Making Love to Leopard Man”, in the 2006 series.

Our Nominations:

Sarah Layden—“Something in the Way”

Jacqueline Powers—“Continuum Mechanics”

We appreciate publications that focus on emerging writers and hope you will keep an eye out for this year’s selection which BNP will announce sometime after June 1. By the way, every year features a guest editor and the GE this year is the fun, intriguing, and perhaps infamous poet Kim Addonizio.