Thursday, September 09, 2010

Good news about past contributors

We've received so many notes with good news about past contributors, we wanted to share some of it with you. Congratulations everyone!

Leah Browning's chapbook, Picking Cherries in the EspaƱola Valley, was published by Dancing Girl Press in early 2010. The poems "Spring, and the Clocks Go Back," and "Under Construction," were first published in issue 1.4.

Douglas Bruton recently won the HISSAC and Biscuit Short Story Prize for his short story, "Darius and the Bloody Big Fish." To read more of Bruton’s work, go to issue 3.3.

Charles Jensen published his full-length collection of poems through Lethe Press. The collection, The First Risk, confronts murder, myth, the nature of love, and the confusion of loss. You can read a selection of Jensen’s poems from his award-winning chapbook Living Things in issue 1.3.

Montgomery Maxton published This Beautiful Bizarre from Moon Ice Press. His editor said, “Montgomery Maxton writes classical poetry with a photographer’s eye.” Montgomery Maxton was published in issue 1.2.

Diane Simmons won the Ohio State University Press prize for her collection of short stories, Little America. You can read her work in issue 4.2.

Jayne Lyn Stahl was recently published by NYQ Books. Aram Saroyan says Riding with Destiny “embraces a literary heritage from Rimbaud to Ginsberg, from Yeats to Bob Dylan, and makes a street-wise, sexy music all her own.” Her work focuses on the art of poetry and how to “dance the dance of life.” You can read her work in issue 1.1.

Colette Tennant's first book of poetry, Commotion of Wings, is now available from Main Street Rag. Tennant says of her own writing that, “I hear music, and the music I hear is not a solo. It’s meant to be shared—usually as poems, sometimes as songs.” Tennant’s poems “Praise” and “Signs” first appeared in issue 4.3.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Our reading period is now open!

We're taking submissions again through our online submission manager. Please take a look at our guidelines and keep us busy!